Grace Moyd is the enthusiast and founder of WritefullyHis (WH). She is inspired by the simplicity of life when put into focus, the ease of the written word on pages in a book and the slow meandering of getting lost in a new city. She set out initially as a printmaker and fell in love with creating events of inspiration and charm for women wanting to make. She pursued that passion further in curating and creating resources for women. She also spends time running her family’s foundation, Thrive Global Project, as the Executive Director. Her heart urges for children and women to receive resources to be their best self.


What sparks the conversation

The familiarity of a high school bestie · card games before Sunday night dinner · days at the lake with a cute golden · a subtle hint of a sweet Southern accent · guacamole always · unmade beds and unkempt hair · the spontaneity of eating cooking dough · the usefulness of kitchen appliances we never use · a beautifully curated closet of sale-rack items · a crisp white bed sprinkled with dog hairs · parties that start with a great high-pony · giving up the freshman 15 for a flirt turned fiancé · the business of a big city and quiet peace of a country home · the perfection and instant smile brought by fresh flowers · a perfectly placed Kinfolk and candle on the coffee table · sweet sercies to shorten the distance between sisters