Grace Moyd • creative force & founder

Grace Moyd is the enthusiast and founder of WritefullyHis (WH). She is inspired by the simplicity of life when put into focus, the ease of the written word on stationery and the slow meandering of getting lost in a new city. She set out initially as a printmaker and fell in love with crafting events of inspiration and gratitude for women wanting to make a difference. She pursued that passion further in curating and creating resources for women. She also spends time running her family’s foundation, Thrive Global Project, as the Executive Director. Her heart urges for children and women across the globe to receive resources to be their best self, which is why in everything she does she gives back.




Grace has worked with non-profits and social enterprises to fundraise, develop and market  products for international operations and plan trips to raise awareness and provide financial support in third world countries. She has consulted with numerous social enterprises and non-profits. Prior to entering the work force, she was an intern at the Tory Burch Foundation in New York, New York where she worked closely with women entrepreneurs looking to micro-finance domestically. She also has consulted with the Aspen Institute in Aspen, Colorado specifically for their largest event of the year – the Ideas Festival.