Birdie’s Book Club: October Choice

I am sure you are asking, who is Birdie? She is my adorably precious 5 year old…golden retriever. She has been by my side, some might think glued to my side,  for the majority of her life. Since I work remotely she is always with me and even when we had an office and retail front in Spartanburg she would come with me to work.

The reason I decided to start  Birdie’s Book Club and then name it after my #1 girl is for the following reasons:

  • Since I work from home and lots of times that means stuffing wedding invitations, hand-tearing pieces or looking through our inventory I love listening to Audiobooks. Ask my husband! And my obsession continues on when I am doing house chores, walking Birdie, taking a shower, unloading the dishwasher, folding clothes and so it goes. I usually always have one going and on top of that have a library book by my bed to go with it. If you do not get the picture I am trying to paint- I LOVE READING!
  • My girlfriends and I started a Book Club in Charlotte and it might be my favorite thing ever so I thought why not start one here to so the out-of-towners can join in on the fun!
  • Since Birdie is by my side on a regular basis she is hearing these awesome books and some she sleeps through but others she stays awake for. I mean what a better way to know if it is a winner then seeing the thoughts of Birdie?

So that is why we are officially launching Birdie’s Book Club and to say I am excited about this would be the understatement of the century. So curl up, get ready because we are THRILLED to launch the October Book of the Month.

A House In The Sky

By: Amanda Lindhout & Sara Corbett

Find it linked under “WritefullyHis Resources” to have easy purchase. Also, we know it is middle of October but the whole “our account was hacked” threw it off just a tad so because of that we chose a true page turner to where we have no doubt you would be able to finish in just half a month! Happy Reading Friends!




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