Finding His Grace, Encouragment for Daily Devotion

Oh the words of my babies can sting and cut right to my core. Those are the kinds of words that linger with you all day and definitely leave you feeling insecure. “Is this the way the world sees me today?” I question myself. Are the honest and unashamed words of a stranger what everyone else is looking at too? Our physical appearance can be such a depiction of what’s going on inwardly. When I hit snooze three times or I opt out of spin class, I LOOK like I made that decision. That decision is worn all over my tired, ragged, 5:00am face. Moses encountered similar in his day-to-day journey. The man was carrying the weight of a nation on his shoulders and I would dare to guess that he looked that way on many days. Maybe his coffee wasn’t quite right and he didn’t have a chance to get his physical activity in before leading God’s people. The man had a lot of weight on his shoulders and those types of burdens run deep. In Exodus, however, I am reminded of the beautiful thing that can happen when we stop and set aside time to meet with our Father each morning. Moses had just written down the laws from the Lord. His mind was whirling, his days were busy and his schedule had not left an open moment. Mount Sinai held a lot of responsibility and I am sure that Moses grew ragged. But in Exodus 34, verse 29, something beautiful refreshes Moses. He spends time with his Lord and when leaving that place, it states “he (Moses) was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord.” When he came down the hill, it states, “When Aaron and all the Israelites saw Moses, his face was Radiant.” Despite the work and the responsibility, Moses face shone because he spent time with the father. This stopped me dead in my tracks. Beneath the tired and the worn down, how many days do I shine a little brighter because I spend time with my Father? My to do lists might not get checked, the workout might get done but I want nothing more than to be radiant because of my words with the Lord each day. May my mornings reflect His goodness and may my face shine because my heart is full with words of His truth. May I pray that in all my mornings it is obvious that I am operating with the love of my Savior because I spent time at his feet finding his grace.

Written by Amy Kate Wilkins, 2017