PAPER Inquiries 

WH is a boutique design studio and digital resource space. From wedding invitations to baby showers to personal stationery, we design and print pieces for clients that become timeless treasures that commemorate the significance of your style. We believe that every event and occasion should be celebrated with a printed invitation.

If you are interested in working with WH or would like to hear more about our services and design process, please inquire at at the email below. From here we can schedule a phone call, get to know one another and establish a custom quote and timeline for your project. WH only works with a handful of clients each season which allows us focused attention of detail through the entire process. We look forward to hearing from you!


ENTRY Inquiries

Do you have a story of grace and healing you want to share? Reach out via email and let us know. We only feature a few stories each quarter; however, if it does not make it on the website you might just see your entry on our social media pages. We are amazed by the way the Lord works in each one of our lives and we cannot thank you enough for being so vulnerable in your sharing.


GATHERING Inquiries 

Interested in joining us from your living room for a virtual bible study or want to come with us to a retreat? We would love to have you  join us! Be prepared to be pushed in your faith, held accountable and grow in ways that cultivate a relationship with the Lord. Each gathering allows for tremendous opportunities to dig deeper. Reach out via email and let us know how we can plug you in!


GIVING Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in giving! There are 2 options to give: The WritefullyHis Foundation or Thrive Global Project. First option, all donations go through our stateside partner, The Spartanburg County Foundation; therefore, all gifts are tax deductible. When making gifts please reference Fund #2059. The second option, is to give directly to our philanthropic partner organization Thrive Global Project if you are interested in supporting students across the globe, including domestically.



We want to be accessible. We want to show you that you are heard. We love our very best by responding, being present and loving you through your hardships. If we cannot help we will point you to the resources that can, the people that can and most importantly to the Big Man upstairs who can.


Mary Grace Moyd, Founder and Curator


Phone: 864.237.7536