Entry Way Goodness

I love entry ways, foyers and the first glimpse of the essence of someone’s home. There is something about having a space that immediately allows people to enter before taking them further inside the physical representation of you. With our sweet townhome, one of the first things that drew me in was the dedicated foyer. The attention to detail with the chair molding and putting a sweet coat of alabaster paint will do the trick to most any space and this was no exception.

Now that you know my love for foyers ascetically, I also love them for the dedicated space they give. With it being the first place you “drop” your shoes, dog leashes and umbrellas. It is also the last place you pick up your keys, check your appearance one more time and grab your jacket. This space is sometimes the most important because it is the first and last touch points before you enter the business of your day or are taking a breath of fresh air that your day is over.

I am sure you are wondering why does a foyer get so much devoted attention for a post? I think for the pure reason because I love mine so much and when I took some devoted time in figuring out why, that was what I came up with. If you have a foyer or your home does not have one it is so nice to have a space that allows you to prepare quickly and rewind just as fast.

Our foyer is tiny and I love it. It takes minimal effort to make it look clean yet makes an immediate impact when someone walks in. The photograph below is really the essence of the foyer. I found this great table at HomeGoods here in Charlotte on sale. It has a knick on the back, which allowed me to get it even more on sale and when I saw it I loved it. With its intricate wooden carvings on the side that greets you from the front door to the practicality of the three baskets below that allows you to store all the necessities without seeing them. These baskets are also a great HomeGoods find and hold lots of shoes, collars, dog toys and umbrellas that we need but allow for quick, easy clean-up when guests come over. And honestly, a perfect place to throw extras so Birdie does not make them her own. She has always loved a good flat! The table was in great condition and the knick did not bother me at all. Perfection is overrated and imperfection is always a great story. The only element I changed was the knobs. I found these knobs at Anthropologie and fell in love with them. I think it is always a win when you can purchase full price goodies from Anthropologie without breaking the bank and that is what these knobs were!

Each element has meaning and has a story. There are not many things you will find in my house without a story which makes me love them even more. From the Target sale mirror, to the Homegoods lamps, to the Rose & Fitzgerald horn from Uganda, to the golden leaf platter from my bestie Mary Carman at one of my bridal showers to the African artwork sourced in Tanzania from my favorite artist there, each piece sub-consciously gives me a smile as I walk out the door and allows for that deep breath when I come home. It is a subtle reminder that I am in my safe space and when I walk up the stairs the most important things I will find are Livingston and Birdie. The foyer is the appetizer to the entree and I relish coming home and being greeted by the warm colors and natural elements.

So do you have a foyer? Are you ready to spruce up your foyer? Just remember it does not have to be expensive or perfect. It does not have to be a room and possibly just a dedicated space. Let it be functional and a curation of your favorite finds. Then let me know the difference as you leave and come home. We have a feeling a little change will go a long way!


Photographs by Deeana Kourtney Photograph: http://www.deeanakourtneyphotography.com


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