Labor Day Loving |Our Founder’s Dreamy, Family Wedding

I love September for many reasons but my favorite is because of the video below. Livingston, my husband, and I’s wedding was on September 4, 2016. I still think he is the bees knees and I love looking back on our wedding video and photographs every year.

We decided to get married the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend in a small family gathering and with our nearest and dearest friends. Going through the photographs to prepare for this post was fun because of the true closeness of all the guests. Almost all of our friends have interacted with our families for years so there were no introductions just conversations of catch up and a little bit of car playing on the dance floor. If you know me you know I have not met a dance floor I did not make best friends with. We had such a dynamic band that had a full dance floor in minutes with friends dancing, family clogging and sprinklers raining down. I know it is so cliche to say that I would love to relive this day over-and-over but it is true. This sweet crew are the ones that loved on Livingston and I as we prepared for this marriage. They supported us and cheered us on as we made our union.

Our faith was weaved through the entire night with the decisions we made for the Big Day and our faith continues past that night into our marriage and love for each other. Now it is not always easy but it is worth it. It is worth the selfless love towards each other everyday. It is the way I have learned to love more like Jesus. Livingston has taught me many things, I hope he can say the same about me, but the most would have to be he is quick to forgive and his heart knows now boundaries of generosity.

So with September 1, 2017 coming in tomorrow, I encourage you to gather family, love on others and make Labor Day a weekend that was about gathering the ones you love most in this world.

Matrimony : Grace & Livingstonfrom BACK DOWN SOUTHon Vimeo.

“Our Story” 
Livingston and I met my freshman year, his sophomore year, at Wofford College. He grabbed my attention in golf Interim and we became fast friends. After spending lots of time together over the summer while Livingston recovered from a boating accident, we decided to officially “go out.” He sweetly asked me the very first week of school my sophomore year. I distinctly remember it being before the first weekend because Livingston said he “did not even want to see what the other freshmen girls looked like at the row!” With words like that, I was hooked immediately and have been for the last eight years!
Our Vendors
Wedding Dress Shop: Formally Yours in Atlanta 
Necklace on Bride: Mignonne Gavigan 
Bridesmaid Dresses: Tadashi for MOHand Joanna Augustfor Bridesmaids
Cake: Cakeheads
Wedding Director: Nathan Hoffman at Charlotte City Club
Floral and Event Design: Poppy Designs
Signage: WritefullyHis
Wedding Invitations and All Printed Paper: WritefullyHis
Second Wedding Dress (For Exit): BHLDN

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