Love Your Neighbor

“Dear Friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.” -1 John 4:7

How many times have we heard this one? Love thy neighbor. It is a goody yet how often do we practice this? I usually find my content on what I am thinking through, how I have felt convicted or what I feel like the Lord and I are having some serious back and forth about, which is why I find myself here.

My husband and I just moved into a darling neighborhood. Our home “The Ranch” is a white brick ranch with a light blue front door. It fits my personality to a tee. Having a traditional 1950s home with a spark of uniqueness right when you walk in. Sign me up, please. I share all of this with you because with our new neighborhood we have been amazed at all the sweet neighbors around us. We have had constant drop-ins to ask to help, a neighbor that ran from a few houses down when we were moving something heavy to give us a hand and a dear neighbor next door that does not mind when our golden retriever waits for her to get home to open their gate to play with their cutie doodle. Everyone has truly lived out that mantra of love your neighbor and it hit me. How have I been living that out?

So hello Wednesday night, I grabbed what I could around the house and had these sweet cookies packaged up, shout out to Southern Parm for doing the most beautiful job drawing our favorite Birdie girl, and wrapped them in boxes. It was not expensive, over the top or something that took a lot of time. Just a little thought all wrapped up, as my mother-in-law would say.

I challenge you this next week to love your neighbor. I know how busy everyone is. I promise friend, I do. The Lord asked us to take His word though and turn it into action. To adhere to His commandments and do them. So we are taking baby steps over here at the Moyd house. Learning to take those simple instructions from God and be obedient in them in a more intentional way. We want to see how we can love our neighbor deeper. We are starting close to home, literally the closest houses to ours, and we know the more we are willing to open that circle the more God will allow come in. See what we are continuing to learn is we are the ones that put limits on that love. The Lord will never do that. If we continue to be obedient and open our circles then He will continue to fill those up in ways we have no idea. So sweet friends, open those circles, start loving a neighbor on your street, at your work place or your community. The Lord put them there for a reason and it will not get done if you do not do it.


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