Mute the Noise

We have been quiet this past month. Know why? Not for the reason you probably think. We did not take a vow of silence to “unplug” or take off our social media hats. We were actually…hacked. You heard it right. For one month, we had no access to our Instagram account, messages or content from the past 6 years. We are not sure how it happened but it did and it was not a fun process to try to recover what we felt was ours.

But if I am being completely honest, I LOVED IT. I loved not having to feel like I had to post. I loved not seeing how many people had viewed our account that week and I loved not coming up with content to push a sale on you. Seriously, the noise was muted and it was amazing. Hacking was not fun but the amount of noise that social media continues to buzz in my ears is a bit overwhelming to me at times. So with this month of a big breath of fresh air, I started focusing on what I would actually enjoy posting on social media. I LOVE stationery and I love when you guys need stationery or custom invitations or wedding invitations or whatever it may be. I LOVE WORKING WITH EACH ONE OF YOU! However, I don’t particularly like selling stationery. If I could do my work and give it to you all for free. I would. Seriously, if I could comfortably live and make sure I could feed my dog, grocery shop for our family and occasionally purchase Anthropologie sale rack finds,I would give my time away for free. Don’t believe me? Ask my husband. I tell him this all the time.

With that, I sat back and thought what do I actually want to post on social media then? What would be helpful to you? And what will make you keep coming back to our page? Then, when you might need some pretty paper you will think of us? If you get engaged, maybe we are the first person you think about because you have been engaging in our encouragment for the past few months. So with that said, I came up with this and I would love for you to follow along if you want. Each week, come back (coffee or tea in hand) and snuggle up to get filled up. We aren’t looking to deplete. We are looking to encourage.

  • I love creating paper and I haven’t done that in quite some time. Creating just to create. So we are going to do that and share with you some new designs. They might be for sale and they might not. I am just going to do it and show it to you. No likes or comments needed. Just enjoy!
  • I am in a book club in Charlotte and it might be my favorite thing in the world so we are starting a WritefullyHis Book Club and Birdie will be the one doing the suggestions. She is with me the majority of time and I listen to A LOT of books on Audiobooks so the ones she does not sleep through- they are getting recommended to you! So follow along every month for The WritefullyHis Book Club by Birdie!
  • We are going to come out with some resources that I have been looking for personally and cannot find so I can dive deeper into my faith. If you are interested we would love to share these and if not then we are going to use them for just us.
  • We want to hear how each of you are doing and how we can pray for your heart. Not looking for comments but just DMs that we can take to our prayer journal and pray over you. We would be honored and will a space for that to happen.
  • We want to generate encouragement and create communities of support as you walk with Jesus. Not sure how but we are game to do it! We think it might start with a gathering over coffee or wine? We will let you know!
  • We love traveling with people! We want to plan a “retreat” in really beautiful places to help your minds flourish. Would you any of you find this helpful or be interested in this?
  • I am learning how to really enjoy cooking so we might throw in some recipes every once in awhile for a fun date night with your significant other or a friend’s date so we can get off those phones a little less!

These were my thoughts and ideas from my month of muting the noise. I am excited to continue to mute the noise but to instead do it with you. Minimal time on the social media train and more time in this amazing life we only have one chance at. Lastly, during church yesterday, our pastor delved deep into what the Lord’s identity is for us and not the identity we try to give ourselves through our purchases. So lets stop purchasing and instead lets cultivate some serious intentional time together, and dare I say it,  via social media.


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