WritefullyHis is a boutique design studio and creative agency. We enjoy graphic design, product development and philanthropic endeavors by way of paper, gatherings, resources and giving back.

Social Impact / Development

Philanthropic Giving



The WritefullyHis Foundation (WHF) came from WritefullyHis, LLC. WritefullyHis was founded in 2012. They operated as a social stationery, greeting card and wedding invitation company that gave 20% of their proceeds back to purchasing paper and pencil for school children in East Africa for 6 years. In 2018, the company fully rebranded to become not only a printing company of beautiful paper goods but an intentional resource space to allow for gatherings of women and a valued place to come and to find encouragement. The resources they produce and what they produce through other companies allows for 20% to be given back. They work through many outlets but their primary give-back partner is Thrive Global Project who they give specifically for their East Africa presence.

The WritefullyHis Foundation purchases all supplies locally to make it more sustainable for the communities WHF work in. We hope to connect further into the communities long-term in the neediest areas of East Africa. All donations go through our stateside partner, The Spartanburg County Foundation; therefore, all gifts are tax deductible. When making gifts please reference Fund #2059.

So there is no confusion, Thrive Global Project is a family foundation. That family just happens to be Grace’s family and she is beyond grateful for that. You can learn more about how her family asked her to spearhead this initiative here. Along with owning and curating WritefullyHis she is the Executive Director of Thrive Global Project.


Royalty Giving + Private Label Giving

We have been collaborating with other companies since 2015 to provide WritefullyHis give back products and collaborations via royalty agreements and private label agreements. These products continue to give 20% of proceeds back just like WritefullyHis paper. Allowing the company to give back and make impact through a trusted source. We further that impact and investment by offering trips over to East Africa to see the work that is happening through The WritefullyHis Foundation and our primary give-back partner Thrive Global Project.

Give Back Partners

bloom daily planner
WH partner: 2015 to 2018

Croghan’s Jewel Box
WH partner: 2015

Mary Frances Flowers Jewelry
WH partner: 2015 to 2016

Kauli, USA
WH partner: 2016 to 2018

Chestnut Living
WH partner: 2017 to 2018