Making Changes

There has been such a tremendous stirring in my life for the past few months. Coming on like waves as you stand up to get your footing but you are knocked back down. Now I am sure you have heard this analogy but I actually mean it in the positive light. I have been content with all these changes and this stirring; however, I find myself unbelievably frustrated. Why you ask? Because with stirring I feel I have not had any direction. I feel I keep getting caught and not knowing the answers of next steps. Constantly putting up the busyness of life to figure out what are next steps. What does he want me to do?

So I looked back at my journal. Now this is a collection of sermon notes, journal entries, prayer requests, thoughts and the occasional TO DO list that all get jumbled up in a notebook so when I say “journal” please feel free to imagine that very loosely. Now as I look back I start seeing themes.

  • Sermon by my church for the last few weeks, Loving One Another
  • Leverage your life for others
  • Journal topics from Mt. Kilimanjaro
    • Quotes from my head guide, “You have one task everyday you are on this mountain, get to the next camp. It is one singular task for the entire day.”
    • The truest form of loving others is the porters carrying our baggage up the mountain, serving and then celebrating our accomplishments when they have done the same. #convicting
    • Trusting the steps of the person in front of you. Even when you cannot see anything because of rain and fog you see the next step you must take knowing full and well it will get you closer to the top. However, you have to trust and take that step, then the next.
  • Bob Golf quotes from his book, “Everybody Always” I am reading.
    • “Make my faith simple”
    • “Love the way Jesus did.”
    • “What is simple often is not easy; what is easy often doesn’t last”

Now I know this might just look like a list of bullet points but this theme goes all the way back in my journal to May. When I took some time to reflect I saw these topics scattered through.  I asked the Lord why He hasn’t given me direction and I am wrong. He has given direction and topics repeatedly. I just had not taken the time to see them, put them all together and reflect.  Oh how often this happens? How often do we ask and ask but never take the time to see? So I boiled it down to one points:

  • As a member of the body of the Church of Christ we have one simplified and focused task and that is to love God and love others. Within these past few months, the Lord has told me in a books I am reading, shared with me in a sermon from my pastor and he GAVE ME AN EXAMPLE by the porters in Tanzania. He is pushing me to trust His next steps and to simplify and rebrand WritefullyHis. Change is hard and sharing your story is even harder but he asks for the deep not the easy or shallow.

So changes are happening. Leaps of faith are jumping and WritefullyHis is changing. Now, WritefullyHis is a printing company and will continue to be but he has asked me to dig deeper with it. Creating something that can lead others to Him in encouragement and resources.

For the past 6 years with WritefullyHis, I have gotten the rhythm down. From fulfilling orders to custom pieces, I know how to get an order out and the majority of time make a customer super happy. I also know how to give back through WritefullyHis and how to share my story about WritefullyHis. Now what if I shared with you right now, the story I have been sharing about why I started WritefullyHis is not the full reason? If you have heard me say it you might be a little surprised as to why I would be admitting this. Well it is the truth. WritefullyHis was actually my healing through a really deep and tough time in my life. It was my life vest when I prayed out to the Lord to give me something. And as I look back at all he has been saying to me it did allow me to make something super tragic that happened in our lives super good. And now I see as I turn my healed head in the direction he has been trying to show me over and over again it is time to leverage WritefullyHis to encourage others in their healings. To simplify the task and have a clear and focused vision. So here it is…

WritefullyHis is a social stationery, greeting card and wedding invitation company. We are not just that anymore. We are rebranding, resurfacing and starting over to a certain point. We will only be taking on limited custom orders and will only be taking on a few brides each quarter. Along with that we will be a boutique design studio and digital resource space. We still do enjoy graphic design, giving back and gathering but we will do this by way of some printed materials, some products we work with other companies on that will hold the WritefullyHis name, assemblies in the social areana (this is NEW!) and digital asset design. We are going to be hosting gatherings for creative women and aiding them to help them find their big dream, next step or first step and we are going to put resources out on our intentional Internet space to encourage you to pursue the deep. We will do this through devotionals, bible studies, blogs from different authors and highlighting women who have encouraged us.

We want this intentional space to feel like we are cozied up in club chairs side-by-side with a cup of coffee in our hands chatting and leaning in on what the Lord has for us instead of the world. We hope you join along and jump in!



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