Love for Hosting

After moving to Charlotte, North Carolina 11 months ago, I have quickly made it my home. However, it was not without some uncomfortable situations and lots of effort. Moving to the big city was an emotional roller coaster after my very steadfast 25 years in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I was so nervous about the ways I would fit into such a bigger puzzle than my smaller puzzle in Spartanburg. I was a tidbit worried about our sweet Birdie Claire (my 4-year old…golden retriever) and how she would make the transition. In Spartanburg, she spent most of her days on Lake Blalock swimming and running throughout the acreage at my mother’s home. In the city, we quickly found our exercise through morning walks to the Up and Vanished podcast series or playing monkey in the middle on the second staircase where Livingston and I would throw the toy back and forth to get lots of energy out of her tiny little body. There were lots changes and with those changes I did not want to lose what I loved doing most – hosting others.

At first, we really had to put ourselves out there as a couple to make friends. We did it, and the Lord answered many prayers as we started creating little pockets of friendships that were so near and dear. From connecting further into our bible study and meeting some of the best of friends, connecting with local organizations and spending the sweetest time with our supper club, I feel like Charlotte has slowly become home in the most beautiful way. With all these little pockets, we started using our sweet three-story townhome in Southpark to host. It is a small space; however, we quickly realized it had tremendous opportunity to show its beauty. One of my goals this year is to “create a spirit of hosting” in many ways but specifically during our time at our sweet townhome so we can “create a spirit of hosting intimately.”

The Lord knew exactly what He was doing when he gave us our humble abode during this season of our life. He knew we were looking for the deep in these friendships to anchor on a firm foundation and with that we needed a more intimate/smaller setting. It took some time in getting our space how we wanted it and it is something we are still working on little-by-little but we realized our home does not have to be perfect to start hosting. It is okay that a picture is still propped up in the bathroom because we have not decided if that will be its forever home on the second floor, and it is okay if we have not mastered finishing the food cooking inside to be ready when the food outside on the grill is ready. It does not matter. As long as the sweet intent of doing for others is there that is what matters.

It does not need to be perfect first before you start. It just has to be genuine because our biggest prayer when you leave the Moyd clubhouse is that anyone is welcome and that you feel the Lord’s love all the way out the door and maybe, just maybe you get to take a little home with you too.


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