WH Philanthropic Partner

It is our mission at WritefullyHis to give back to students in East Africa by providing paper & pencils in their schools. Our work in East Africa is made possible by many, many hands. We could never do this work alone. Partnering with organizations like our new partner Thrive Global Project is crucial to the fulfillment of our work.


Thrive Global Project is a 501(c)(3) that is breaking the cycle of poverty with quality education. Thrive provides students around the globe with educational resources to empower them in the classroom. They are all about creating greater impact. They invest in forming strong relationships with local non-profits on the ground working hand-in-hand with the students they support. They partner with local organizations around the world who are providing educational resources to the most vulnerable children. They then prove, monitor and evaluate the projects you fund with purchasing WritefullyHis paper. They do this with village updates and also provide opportunities for you to volunteer. They apply 100% of every donation directly to thrive initiatives for students locally and globally. They can do all of this with 100% transparency with their financials. They apply 100% of every donation directly to purchasing educational resources for students locally and globally. Their endowment covers all operating costs so your donation makes a great impact. Yes, that is right your FULL donation goes completely towards the purchase of educational resources for the most needy in this world. They are anchored in core values: Access, Enrichment and Empowerment. Their model allows for students to THRIVE in the classroom and have every opportunity to reach their BIGGEST potential!

We are thrilled to officially partner with them to help expand our mission to give paper and pencils to students in East Africa! Watch their video below to learn more about their work!


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