WritefullyHis Virtual Community for Christian Creatives & Entrepreneurs

WH Virtual Community for Christian Creatives & Entrepreneurs

$250/one time fee

From being in my business for 8 years, I have gone through my fair share of highs and lows when it comes to business practices. I have honed in wonderful routines that start my day off with a bang and also have found myself wasting the day away knee-deep in my own funk. Quality faith-based community is crucial and that is not always what is available for us creatives and entrepreneurs that are working from the home. I have felt a huge calling to dive deeper into providing resources and creating community for those women and specifically doing it through a faith-based lens. Growing up in a bible study that met every Sunday for 6 years I found such amazing community in this. To have the ability to make changes to your business and yourself all through a spiritual and biblical lens is what I want to help you do! So you ask, how does that happen? It all comes back to Christian resources for me. What I surround myself with and how I talk to myself within my home is crucial for a life-giving day. 

So it does have a price and it might be more than what you were expecting, we totally get that. You are going to be getting some bomb.com resources in the mail like a huge Christian resource box with all the goodies to get set up in your home or office. That price helps us cover that cost. We also believe that cost compares to how much you will be invested. We are bringing you thousands of dollars worth of research for just $250. We already spent the money and the time, so let us share the resources that work, the daily encouragement of a life coach, the heart of a bible study leader and the steadfast ear of a counselor. Now what is stopping you? 

What will you receive for our first virtual bible study? 

  • Virtual bible study series to create routines and better practices when working from home
  • Daily Encouragement, Devotionals and Accountability from Grace and other creatives 
  • WH Faith-Based Resource Box (Think FabFitFun Box but better!)
  • Community that you will be apart of forever

If interested; please email mgw@writefullyhis.com with the header ROUND ONE: WH Community


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